Our life group has been a wonderful blessing to us.  We are able to openly share personal struggles that we are faced with and know that we will not be judged, but instead be loved, supported and prayed for. We continue to increase our understanding and knowledge of God's word and how he wants us to live our lives through our weekly bible study.

Ron and Holly Huard

Life Groups.

Starting at a new church is tough (whether you have never been part of a church or you are simply moving to a new area).  You have this notion that church is supposed to be something more than simply a collection of people who gather together to sit and face the same direction every week for about an hour.  You hear words like family and community but you wonder how you can be a part of all of that.  One of the best ways we have found (as relative new comers to Whitby FM) is to be a part of a Life Group.  The group we joined help Whitby FM go from church to community for us.  Here were people we could get to know; who we could pray with; who we could learn with; who we could share the ups and downs of life with; and who we could enjoy getting together with.  It still takes time for those types of relationships to grow.  But the setting and atmosphere of a Life Group help make the transition into a new church family easier. 

Marc and Laurie McAlister

Life Group has been a great place to learn biblical truth's on a deeper level. It's been a place to share thoughts and a safe place to share needs and concerns and pray with people that care about you and the things you have concerns about. It has been an important part of my constant and continual journey of growing closer to Jesus.

Edna Scott