Base 1

If you'd like to find out more about WFMC then plan to attend a Base One: Belonging class.  Coming does not mean that you are becoming a member, but coming will help you understand who we are as a church family, what our plans are, how we fit into the rest of the church all over the world (we're only one small part of something big God is up to in the world!), and coming will help you learn the age old question "what in the world is Free Methodist anyway?"

If you plan to come, let us know (so we have enough booklets ready) AND read the "Prep Reading for Belonging Class" booklet (attached below) - this offers some foundational information for the discussions we'll have in our time together.

Please contact the main office for start dates 

Reading Material
Base 1: Belonging Prep Reading Material 
Base 1 - prep (revised'13).doc