Sunday Morning Service: 10 AM

What can you expect on a Sunday morning at WFMC?

Real-ness, authenticity, normal people learning together, singing together songs that declare who we are in our faith journey, and songs that adore our God Who is making all the difference in our lives. We laugh together. We read the Bible and ask what God wants to speak into our lives today. We pray - and at the end of the service we have a prayer team ready to pray some more if on that particular Sunday you just need some extra time with our Father.

In Canada, the average Christian attends Sunday morning service one in every three Sundays. That's 17ish Sundays per year that an average Christian has with his/her whole church family - 17 times is not the stuff of the Acts church. At WFMC we would like to learn how to church family (verb: "to church family"!) significantly and meaningfully... This includes a spiritual (Biblical) diet of Sunday morning together, a Life Group during the week and an identified ministry.